Air Medical Transport

Air Ambulance

Even though it’s not a good thing in life, medical emergencies, injuries and accidents are part of our daily life. All these disasters can occur to any one of us without any form of discrimination. If such circumstances occur when one is very far away from home or abroad, commercial flight medical escorts are crucial in order to access life-saving medical care.

One example of long distance medical transport is air ambulance. However, this type of medical service depends on the medical needs of the patient and the distance of the flight.

This mode of medical transport depends on the most powerful jets, in terms of speed, range and attitude. These jets can maneuver on any type of weather condition enabling the patient to reach his hospital fast and safely. Statistics has shown that these medical Jets have a 90% dispatch rate that is impossible to beat using another mode of medical transport.

Long distance air medical services usually have two or more medical crew on board as well as all the necessary medical equipment. In addition, one or two relatives of the patient are also allowed on board. Regardless the severity of the patient condition, medical monitoring device and life supporting systems are provided to offer the best peace of mind and comfort for the patient.

If you decide to use long air distance medical transport, there are two main factors you need to consider:

If critical care or advanced life support are required, you have to ensure to choose a provider who is able to provide them. If this is not kept into consideration, the patient may arrive at the destination in critical condition or may die on the way. If the patient requires critical care, turboprops and jets are the best options due to their ability to fly in bad weather condition and also their speed.
If it’s difficult to transport the patient, you will need to choose air ambulance services that offer door to door or bedside to bedside medical services. Other types of services that you may benefit from this type of medical transport include:

  • Medical administering
  • Medical insurance handling
  • Correspondence with family members

Air medical transport is the best option for people who have complicated medical condition. In some situation, speed is necessary for saving someone’s life and sometimes ground transportation can be sometimes ineffective. Another advantage of using air medical transport is that many lives are saved in the remote place where infrastructure is very poor, and the place is very far away from civilization.

If you are considering traveling abroad, it’s important to buy travel insurance that contains medical cover. It’s also advisable to enquire if your medical transport is able to bring you back into the country in case of any medical emergency.

In conclusion, air medical transport is of great help in very many ways. For instance, by getting quotes and information from such providers, you are assured that your health is going to improve should any medical emergency arise.